Quartz Crystal Microbalance with Dissipation (QCM-D)

QCM-D Analysis

Providing answers about mass and structural changes with nanogram precision for a wide variety of samples and measurement conditions.

Quantitative Surface & Interface Contamination

Qualitative analysis such as visual inspection of a surface lacks quantitative data. For example, understanding how cleaning agents are performing, from removal rates to total mass removal, is vital to the development of products from CMP Slurries to surfactants in dish detergent. Quartz crystal microbalance delivers quantitative data on how surface and solutions interact at molecular levels, bringing quantitative data to some outdated qualitative testing procedures.

Materials ​

Compatible with aqueous and non-aqueous solutions and aggressive solvents. Example compatible solvents:

Application Examples ​

Standard Capabilities

Available Modules

Standard flow module:

Standard module for liquid or gaseous samples.

PTFE module:

Replaces the titanium flow path of the standard flow module with PTF for flow or stagnant measurements where the reagents or molecules are sensitive to interactions with titanium.

Ideal for research on:

Humidity module:

To study film interactions such as swelling in contact with different vapors and relative humidity.

Ideal for research on:

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