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A Targeted Approach

Purchasing new instrumentation is not always possible, even when it is critical. Capital expense, internal expertise, or facility accommodations can prohibit the purchase. You may not know how long a project may last or if an instrument is suitable to solve your problem.

  • Data Driven – acquire accurate results

  • Results Orientated – efficient and timely turnaround

  • Professionally Led – top scientist and lab environment

Our approach

Technique Bundles

Sample Preparation

Sample Cutting

Sample Mounting

Sample Polishing

Nanofiber Manufacturing

Fiber/Particle Synthesis

SEM Imaging

Microstructure Analysis

Mechanical Testing

Sample Polishing

Hardness Test

SEM Verification

Ion Milling & Verification

Sample Polishing

Ion Milling

SEM Imaging

Discover The Future

We are a multi-disciplinary laboratory committed to focussed and efficient analytical services.

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