Nanoscience Analytical

Our Mission:

We accelerate scientific innovation by delivering laboratory solutions, commitment to quality, transparency, and sustained partnership with our clients. We provide efficient and sophisticated analytical and development services targeted to our client’s needs.

Contract Research & Development

Offering comprehensive consultation to assess the feasibility of nanoparticle and electrospun nanofiber development.

Contract Sample Analysis

We employ electron microscopy and surface analysis techniques to analyze many types of materials.

Nanoscience Analytical lab and team performing analytical services


Electron Microscopy & Elemental Analysis

We provide SEM and EDS data with statistical analyses on particles & defects for QA/QC, FA, and R&D.

Electrospinning & Electrospraying

Nanofiber and microcapsule development and synthesis, utilizing electrospinning via multiple needles in a controlled environment.

Contact Angle Measurements

Contact angle and surface & interfacial tension measurements using state-of-the-art optical and force tensiometry instrumentation.

Quartz Crystal Microbalance

We design experiments that measure nanoscale mass changes in real time as a function of liquid or gas interactions with a variety of surfaces.

Bulk Porosity Measurements

Bulk porosity measurements to determine pore size and pore size distribution of through pores in bulk materials.

Customized Nanoparticle Development

Utilizing spark ablation technology, we develop and generate nanoparticles of virtually any conductive or semi-conductive material.

Our Company

Nanoscience Analytical partners with our clients to offer Process Development for fabricating Nanomaterials and offers Analytical Services supported by expert scientists utilizing a lab with the latest technologies. We provide our clients with focused, expert guidance and access to multiple, complementary analytical techniques and solutions.

About the Director

"We approach every project in a methodical manner to assess the best path to success. We thoroughly plan, execute, and deliver the results our customers expect. "

As the Director, Dr. Jackie Harding has developed Nanoscience Analytical into a process-focused organization that can take initial concepts through the development cycle to commercialization. With a team-oriented approach to research, she leads an expert team of scientists. Dr. Harding is an accomplished scientist with peer-reviewed publications and awarded patents. She is experienced working in regulated environments as a scientist and project manager.  

Jackie Harding

Jacqueline Harding, Ph.D. | Laboratory Director