Who We Are

Our passion is science. Our mission is to deliver laboratory solutions to accelerate scientific innovation through various techniques. With a diverse team of experts, supported by a rigorous Quality Management System, Nanoscience Analytical provides valuable data and strives to continuously exceed customer expectations.

Our Certificates 

Nanoscience Analytical is committed to quality, transparency, and partnership. That’s why we list all of our certifications from leading institutions right here, in one place, with easy-to-understand descriptions.

While some of the following standards may only be required for specific fields, our quality management systems cover all of our business segments. Nanoscience Analytical meets the requirements of the following quality standards:

Career Opportunities

We’re always looking for energetic people interested in science, new technology, and working with a small team of like-minded people.

Meet The Team

Jacqueline Harding, Ph.D.
Laboratory Director

Stephany Wood

Stephany Wood
Analytical Scientist

Amiee Scientist

Amiee Thompson
Quality Assurance Manager

Francisco J Chaparro Scientist

Francisco J Chaparro, Ph.D.
Electrospinning Scientist

Alex Buffington

Alex Buffington
Electrospinning Scientist

Zac Grey Ph.D. Scientist

Zachary Gray, Ph.D.
Microscopy Scientist

Devendra Verma Ph.D. Scientist

Devendra Verma, Ph.D.
Materials and Structural Analysis Scientist

James Stanfill, Ph.D.
Materials and Structural Analysis Scientist

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