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"We approach every project in a methodical manner to assess the best path to success. We thoroughly plan, execute, and deliver the results our customers expect. "
Our passion is science. Our mission is to deliver laboratory solutions to accelerate scientific innovation through various techniques. With a diverse team of experts, supported by a rigorous Quality Management System, Nanoscience Analytical provides valuable data and strives to continuously exceed customer expectations.

About the Director

As the Director, Dr. Jackie Harding has developed Nanoscience Analytical into a process-focused organization that can take initial concepts through the development cycle to commercialization. With a team-oriented approach to research, she leads an expert team of scientists. Dr. Harding is an accomplished scientist with peer-reviewed publications and awarded patents. She is experienced working in regulated environments as a scientist and project manager.

Her materials science expertise is diverse, ranging from biomaterials for drug delivery and tissue regeneration to the design of solid-state materials for catalytic applications. She received her Ph.D. in Inorganic chemistry from the Laboratory of Translational Materials and Biointerfacial Research Laboratory at Colorado State University. She continued post-doctoral research in Tissue Engineering at the Colorado School of Mines.

Jackie Harding

Jacqueline Harding, Ph.D. | Laboratory Director

Quality Driven Results

Nanoscience Analytical is committed to quality, transparency, and partnership. That’s why we list all of our certifications from leading institutions right here, in one place, with easy-to-understand descriptions.

While some of the following standards may only be required for specific fields, our quality management systems cover all of our business segments. Nanoscience Analytical’s quality system meets the requirements of the following standard:


Want to join our team? Our team of scientists has a broad background in chemistry, materials science, and engineering. They are energetic, scientifically curious, and natural problem solvers.

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We are a multi-disciplinary laboratory committed to providing our expertise and efficient analytical services.