What is Surface Metrology?

The surface metrology techniques we utilize extract topographical information from a surface. Utilizing our expertise with state-of-the-art optical profilers, we have the capability of analyzing complex surfaces and geometries. Our optical techniques provide both 2-D and 3-D surface characterization. Unlike stylus profilometers, our surface profilers are non-contact so samples remain undamaged and intact.

Optical Profilometry is ideal for imaging and measuring step-heights, surface roughness, and feature volume with a high degree of accuracy.

This technology is ideal for analyzing complex surfaces such as:

  • LED patterned/etched substrates
  • Photoresist and stacked multilayer structures
  • Transparent surfaces including glass
  • Patterned sapphire substrates (PSS) bump diameter, height and pitch analysis
  • Microfluidics devices
  • High aspect ratio samples such as microneedles

Method Attributes:

  • Non-destructive
  • 3D surface topography & surface roughness
  • Surface wear, scratch, and corrosion
  • True color measurements

3-D Measurements

Optical profilometry is ideal for many applications and sample types because it accommodates many sample geometries. Our services use either a confocal-like pattern projection technique or white light interferometry depending on the sample and investigation.

  • Step height and dimensional measurement
  • Characterizing wear and friction of mechanical parts
  • Determining consistency of solder bump heights, e.g. on flip chips and other advanced packaging
  • Correlating roughness measurements with materials properties, e.g. adhesion, corrosion, appearance
  • Measuring the radius of curvature of microfluidic channels, optics, etc.
  • Assessing bow on coated/processed wafers, e.g. MEMS fabrication
  • Quantifying thickness of continuous, transparent films e.g. microfluidics
  • High-throughput screening of multiple features on a die or wafer

Strengths of Our Surface Profile Analysis

  • Non-contact and non-destructive
  • A wide range of possible analysis areas, feature heights, and roughness statistics
  • Surface wear, scratch, and corrosion
  • Accommodates a wide range of sample sizes
  • True color imaging
  • Highly versatile¬†platforms capable of a wide range of techniques

Our Surface Metrology Analytical Services

Our team of scientists provides timely and valuable results for a wide variety of clients. Our customers rely on the data we provide for developing new processes and materials, characterizing ongoing processes, and transferring processes to production. We can help you accelerate production, as well as address capability and capital equipment gaps and manage the risk associated with product development.

Questions about Surface Metrology Services?

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