Why Ion Mill Sample Preparation?

You rely on accurate and useful data for microscopic investigation for device quality assurance, failure analysis, and material characterization. Proper sample preparation has become more challenging due to changes in high-tech materials, complex assemblies, and smaller components. You know that sample preparation for microstructural examination starts with a high quality prepared sample surface.  We can help.

We utilize the highest quality dual ion gun Argon (Ar) ion milling instrumentation to properly prepare samples. Leveraging our expertise in material science and experience with our instrumentation we have capabilities to precisely cross-section, slope cut, flat polish and prepare samples for metallurgical and EBSD studies.

Whether your application is focused on failure analysis, device quality assurance, or material characterization, we have the capabilities to prepare artifact-free samples.

Our sample preparation techniques can be used directly on your surface with a high angle of incidence to reveal the microstructures and defects, enabling you to understand your material development process.

Metallurgical Sample Preparation

We utilize state of the art equipment to properly prepare for high-quality samples for scanning electron microscopy (SEM) investigations. This is the first step in metallurgical sample preparation or metallographic specimen preparation. We also have the capability to cut and polish samples.

Slope Cutting and Cross-Sectioning

While mechanical polishing, cross-sectioning, and chemical etching are suitable for many applications, ion beam milling is the technique we recommend for high-quality sample preparation. Our instrumentation has the widest range of accelerating voltage for the greatest amount of transmitted electrons produces wider undistorted cross-sections without applying mechanical stress to your sample.

Our instrumentation features two ion guns for rapid milling with a high voltage ion beam to cut and cross-section, followed by cleaning with a patented low-energy ion source providing for damage-free samples prepared for traditional microscopy and metallographic laboratories.

Slope Cutting options 30°, 45°, and 90°

After only mechanical polishing.After mechanical and Ar ion polishing.

Ion Milling for EBSD

Typical mechanical polishing creates artifacts and deforms the grains on the sample surface. We utilize a dual ion gun with our ion mill technique to reveal the grain size, pores and boundaries of your sample, preparing it for for high-resolution EBSD maps.

For artifact-free and damage free samples we recommend ion milling to get the best data for your investigations. We remove the top amorphous layer on a material to reveal the pristine sample surface for high-resolution imaging and post-processing.

We offer liquid nitrogen and Peltier cooling for heat sensitive or cryo samples to protect samples from overheating during the sample preparation process

Capabilities & Sample Requirements

  • Widest energy range on the market
    (100 eV- 16 keV)
  • Unique pre-tilted slop cutting sample holders (30°,45°,90°)
  • Liquid nitrogen or Peltier cooling option
  • Sample Size – up to 10 in, diameter and 3 in. in height

Plasma Etching and Processing Services

Our in-house experts provide plasma clean and plasma etch for a wide variety of materials for multiple industries.  Wewe work hands-on with our clients to provide the most effective plasma cleaning for your sample.

Questions about our sample preparation services?

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