Electrospinning Process Development and Contract Manufacturing

You need a flexible partner to help you in your development process and overcome hurdles in the complex process of designing, developing and manufacturing electrospun nanofibers or electrosprayed spherical core-shell nanoparticles.

We offer contract electrospinning manufacturing and solution research support (protected by NDA documentation) to help you develop your novel electrospun nanofiber or micro-/nano-encapsulated products. Our development team can help you overcome the barriers to developing a reproducible product for clinical research trials.

We provide full-service electrospinning and electrospraying recipe development to finished product characterization and analytical testing.

Special Size or Special Product Form

Coaxial Electrospinning & Electrospraying

We provide coaxial electrospinning and electrospraying services which are ideal for creating novel nanofiber and particle synthesis applications. Our process of microencapsulation services, a unique encapsulation method, that unlike spray drying, is conducted at room temperature allowing for thermolabile active ingredients to be processed. Microencapsulation is the process we use to generate core-shell fibers and/or particles. The inner structure is surrounded by a coating, forming a small fiber or particles of an active substance with a uniform shell. It can be designed to have, for example, microporous and semi-permeable properties around it. We can generate core-shell structures (fibers or particles) along with a secondary fiber or particle during the same electrospinning process.

Develop controlled delivery or controlled release systems for the delivery of drugs, active principles, flavors, odor, pesticides, among others.

Application Examples:

  • Drug development and delivery
  • Medical device development
  • Microencapsulation of multiple ingredients (thermal sensitive bioactives, proteins, growth factors, ceramics, among others)
  • Tissue engineering and regenerative medicine
  • Oil encapsulation

*image: Zhao et al. JACS 2007

Nanostructure Characterization Services

Ensuring your product is developed to your standards and meets your goals is what we aim to do. Process design and formulation refinement are included with our contract manufacturing service. We provide microstructure characterization of your finished product along with a step-by-step processing recipe for how the product was made.

Not sure if the solution you have will work when you need to scale it up?

We will help you troubleshoot your solvent and polymer solution and test the final product. Our team will help to ensure that the solution recipe is the most efficient for your product.

Examples of testing that we conduct include:

  • We provide BSD, SED, EDS, resolution <3 nm, and others
  • Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) for fiber orientation with statistical measurements and histogram
  • Contact Angle Measurements to characterize the material wettability

Questions about Contract Manufaturing Services?

Contact us for additional electrospinning/spraying capabilities as well as formulation and process development.

We provide expert guidance for your analytical needs.