Techniques Offered

Nanoscience Analytical Services supports industrial research, production, and quality assurance with a broad range of contract materials analysis using state-of-the-art instruments.  We specialize in high-resolution imaging, elemental analysis, surface metrology, and nanomechanical characterization & testing.  Our staff of scientists and engineers offers expert guidance and access to multiple, complementary analytical techniques and solutions.

Scanning Electron Microscopy

High-performance SEM for detailed images and critical information about surface topology. Specialized analysis for fiber and particle size distribution. Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy (EDS) to identify elemental composition.

Processes included are:
• SEM Imaging
• Elemental Analysis
• Particle Sizing and Analysis
• Fiber Sizing and Orientation



Accurate material testing and properties of materials such as Young’s Modulus, hardness (Vickers, Shore), creep rates, fracture toughness, yield point, and fracture strength is needed for the complex design challenges from MEMS to jet engines.

Processes included are:
• Nanoindentation
• Microstructure Characterization
• Indentation Hardness
• Fracture Toughness

Sample Preparation

By utilizing the highest quality dual ion gun Argon (Ar) ion milling instrumentation to properly prepare samples. Our expertise in material science and experience with our instrumentation we have capabilities to perform precise cross-section, slope cut, flat polish and prepare samples for metallurgical and EBSD studies.

Processes included are:
• Metallurgical Sample Preparation
• Slope cutting and Cross-Sectioning
• Ion Milling for EBSD
• Preparation for SEM

Surface Metrology

Contact and non-contact methods for sub-micron, 3D surface characterization. Ability to analyze surface morphology at the nanoscale. 2D and 3D images that measure surface height, roughness and feature volume with extraordinary accuracy.

Processes included are:
• 3-D Measurements
• Surface Profile Analysis
• Non-destructive
• True Color Measurements

Electrospinning Process Development and Contract Manufacturing

Through contract electrospinning manufacturing and solution research support (protected by NDA documentation) to help you develop your novel electrospun nanofiber or microencapsulated products while also providing full-service electrospinning recipe development to finished product characterization and testing.

Processes included are:
• Electrospinning
• Electrospraying
• Coaxial Spinning
• Nanostructure Characterization


Contact Angle Measurements

Contact angle measurements lend information to the adhesion force a liquid has with a surface. They are used to characterize liquid repellency of self-cleaning surfaces, such as glass, and gives information on the wetting states of micro-textured surfaces that exhibit large apparent contact angles.

Processes included are:
• Characterize Surface Pretreatments
• Surface Free Energy
• Powder Wettability
• Surface Cleanliness Investigation

Quartz Crystal Microbalance

QCM-D is a real-time, quantitative nanoscale technique for analyzing surface phenomena including thin film formation, interactions, and reactions. We can help you see the effect of molecular interactions on various membranes under various environmental conditions.

Processes included are:
• Quantitative Surface & Interface Contamination
• Absorption, Mass and Structural Changes
• Monitor Thin Film Deposition

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