On-Demand Webinar: Adhesion Properties Using Contact Angle Measurements

To Adhere or Not to Adhere – That is the Question!

The ability of two materials to adhere to each other is dictated by several variables, including topography, cleanliness, and wettability.

This webinar, hosted by our partners from Nanoscience Instruments and presented by Senior Application Scientist Arnold Luk, Ph.D., you will learn about the contact angle measurement technique.

This detailed webinar examines the benefits of simultaneous topographical characterization with contact angle measurements to decouple the effects of surface features from a material’s chemical behavior. Furthermore, traditional contact angle measurement techniques such as advancing, receding, and tilting angle are examined to determine the situations where they are most effective in measuring adhesion.

Nanoscience Analytical offers services for contact angle measurements, advancing and receding contact angle, tilting contact angle and can make the recommendation for which one is the most suitable for your material.

Original Webinar Date: June 17, 2020
Presenter: Arnold Luk, Ph.D.
Nanoscience Instruments, Senior Application Scientist Attension Theta Flex


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