Nanoscience Analytical Expands Electrospinning and Microscopy Capabilities

Nanoscience Analytical has recently expanded its services and capabilities in electron microscopy characterization and sample preparation, electrospinning nanofiber development and microparticle encapsulation.

Nanoscience Analytical has recently increased laboratory space and expanded capacity for material development and electron microscopy services adding pilot-scale electrospinning equipment. The additional electrospinning systems have expanded capability for roll-to-roll spinning, larger production, as well as larger production of electrosprayed microbeads.  The additional equipment allows up to 112 simultaneous needles to electrospin nanofibers with integrated temperature and humidity controls.

“The expansion of our instrumentation will allow us to bring clients further along in formulation and process development so they can create production level volumes of materials.  We provide complete R&D and scale-up services, providing formulation recipes, and process engineering settings to easily transition our customers to full scale production in-house,” says Mark Flowers, Nanoscience Analytical president. “We have expertise in a variety of techniques with a broad range of materials and applications. Using state-of-the-art instruments, we provide our clients with specialized services and access to multiple complementary analytical techniques and solutions,”

“Our electrospinning nanofiber development services have helped numerous companies expedite their research and development of new and novel materials for a wide number of applications,” says Dr. Francisco J. Chaparro, Electospinning Engineer. “We have experience helping our clients in a wide number of applications ranging from nanofibers for improved air filtration, to patches for wound healing, and encapsulation of pharmaceuticals and therapies. Our team collaborates and provides the best possible finished formula to our clients to transfer from an R&D phase to a commercial production phase.”

In addition to increased electrospinning and electrospraying capacity, Nanoscience Analytical has added a Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope (FE-SEM) that can obtain resolution under 3nm.  High resolution imaging rounds out other Microscopy capabilities including automated particle analysis for the statistical reporting of particle size, spherosity and elemental composition.  These techniques provide invaluable data for many QA/QC and R&D applications including additive manufacturing, automotive parts cleanliness, and foreign particle analysis. Sample preparation services including ion milling and novel particle dispersement are also offered.

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About Nanoscience Analytical:

Nanoscience Analytical, an ISO 9001:2015 certified facility, provides expert guidance and contract support for industrial research, production and quality assurance. Utilizing a targeted approach, we provide analytical services with state-of-the-art instrumentation and process development capabilities. Nanoscience Analytical specializes in a broad range of analytical techniques for surface science and nanoscale microscopy. Highlighted analytical services include aerosolized nanoparticle generation, nanofiber development, microscopy sample preparation, scanning electron microscopy and elemental identification, optical profilometry, contact angle measurements and nanoscale mass detection services to quantify film thickness in liquid environments.


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