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Atomic Force Microscopy

AFM can quantify surface roughness of samples below the nm scale. In addition to determining the surface morphology, AFM can also provide quantitative measurements of feature sizes, such as step heights, particle shape and size, and pore depths. Additionally, advanced modes of AFM allow for the qualitative mapping of various other physical properties, such as adhesion, modulus, conductivity, surface potential, and magnetic domains.

Examples of Atomic Force Microscopy applications:

  • Investigating processing effects (e.g. plasma treatment) on biomedical devices such as contact lenses, catheters and coated stents
  • Examining the impact of surface roughness on adhesion
  • Determining whether morphology is the source of surface hazes
  • Mapping the distribution of activated carriers
  • Characterizing the uniformity of thin conductive films
  • Measuring step heights between domains on patterned wafers
  • Measuring the size of nm particles and determining distribution statistics


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  • Gold coated nm step imaged with AFM
Gold coated nm step imaged with AFM.