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Nanomechanical Testing

Nanomechanical Testing

Mechanical characterization of materials is of utmost importance in the design and development of new materials. Accurate measurement of properties such as Young’s Modulus, Hardness (Vickers, Shore), creep rates, fracture toughness, yield point and fracture strength is needed for the complex design challenges from MEMS to jet engines. Nanoindentation serves as a method of choice to measure the mechanical properties of materials with no sample preparation while nanomechanical testing allows measurement of geometry dependent properties of materials.

Main Features:

  • Thin films/coatings properties
  • Soft gels and super alloys
  • Viscoelastic materials characterization
  • Surface and through thickness property mapping
  • Automated operation removing user bias
  • Microstructural testing on metamaterials, MEMS
  • Yield point and fracture strength determination
  • Failure analysis of assembled products
  • Strain rate dependence
  • Multi directional, multipoint inspection


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Soda Lime Glass


Hardness, Modulus, Strain, and other materials tests for polymers, thin films, ceramics, and metals
Cantilever Creat

Microstructure Characterization

Nano-Micro scale device characterization of MEMS, microcapsules, metamaterials, and other microdevices.