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We perform instrumented indentation on a variety of materials from bio-gels to super alloys to measure hardness and elastic modulus of the material with continuous stiffness measurements (CSM) in addition to complex modulus measurements (storage modulus, loss modulus, loss factor) for polymers, removing substrate effect in thin film properties, fracture toughness, 3D property maps for heterogeneous surfaces and 4D property maps for depth dependent properties of materials.

Main Features:

  • Standardized ISO 14577/ ASTM E 2546 nanoindentation experiments
  • Fast and accurate dynamic nanoindentation measurements
  • High speed 3D and 4D properties mapping
  • High data acquisition rate at 100 kHz for events such as pop-ups, sink-in, adhesion test, peeling test
  • 3 nN force resolution with 0.02 nm displacement resolution
  • Strain rate control
  • Small sample volume needed for experiments, minimum sample preparation


  • Young’s Modulus
  • Hardness (Vickers, Shore)
  • Yield Stress
  • Stress-Strain
  • Continuous stiffness measurements
  • Cyclic indentation (Fatigue)
  • 3D surface hardness/modulus mapping
  • 4D depth dependent hardness/modulus mapping
  • Thin film properties independent of the substrate effect
  • Complex modulus (Storage and Loss modulus for polymers)